Hello! ¬°Hola! Ni hao! Marhaba! And welcome to my portfolio website! Feel free to look around and contact me if you have any questions!

My teaching philosophy, in short:¬†As an early childhood and elementary educator, I believe that my role is to guide my students through engaging, hands-on activities that give students the independence to direct their learning. I believe that all students are unique and should have an equitable education that allows them to reach their full potential, and differentiated instruction and instilling a growth mindset is the key to that. Since all students learn differently and need different things, it is necessary to use multiple assessments (standard, authentic, CBA, etc.) to gauge student understanding and learning. I believe that all classrooms should foster community development and be a safe space for students to learn and explore. In order to create a safe community, my classroom management is focused on positive reinforcement, and in my future classroom, I plan on having a “cool down” area where students can go to reflect. With these strategies implemented, I hope to develop a positive relationship with every student.